Testing Lake Water Quality

Before investing your life savings into that lakefront dream home, make sure the lake it sits on will meet your needs. If you expect to be out on the water, either on a boat, a Jet Ski, or even just taking a dip - you need to know the lake water is safe.

Safe lake water is free of harmful chemicals. The only way to know for sure what is contained in the lake water in question is by testing it. This can be done in a number of ways. You can test it yourself by purchasing and using a handy do-it-yourself water quality testing kit, or you can employ the services of a professional water tester. If you choose the latter, be sure to hire an independent party who has nothing to do with your realtor or the seller and/or her realtor.

Do-it-yourself Water Quality Testing Kits

With lake water, the main problematic issue to test for is potential toxin-producing algae. There are several different options on the market in terms of water testing kits that will detect algae as well as other contaminants. The best options are all-in-one test kits designed for lake water. Many of the available kits are very easy to use, consisting of test strips that are dipped into lake water for a determined period of time. Color-coded tabs right on the strips then deliver the results of the water parameters.

Call in the Pros

An independent water inspector can carry out more thorough water quality testing. Often, independent water inspectors have laboratory facilities that allow for more thorough testing. Some of the other services offered by such companies include:

  • Water analysis
  • Marine surveying
  • Laboratory testing
  • Environmental consulting

Be sure to interview potential vendors thoroughly and be prepared to pay a pretty penny for this service.

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