Selling Your House on the Lake

Waterfront owners looking to sell their homes can utilize a number of tried and true tricks to ensure their property gets snatched up quickly.

Below are a few marketing ideas lakefront homeowners can use to stay ahead of the real estate game.

  1. Consider the time of year - Savvy homeowners understand that making their property as appealing as possible will snag the most potential buyers. One way to do this it to sell their homes when the lake is at its most charming and picturesque. For some communities this is in the summertime when people are prone to be out and about and lake upkeep is high. People who live near smaller lakes may wish to show their homes in the fall as smaller bodies of water tend to develop scum and algae in hotter weather.
  2. Clean up dock and decking areas - the second step of making the lakefront property visually appealing is to revitalize the dock and shorefront decks. You can do this by replacing worn out or broken boards as well as paint and/or stain the waterfront area. It will make your property stand out since many waterfront property owners fail to do this.
  3. Prepare the beach prior to a showing - Rake the beach, remove weeds and anything that makes the deck sands look "uninviting".   If you have any beach related decorations like a small bench and assortment of sea shells, place them along a path an enticing manner.
  4. Feature the lake in photos - while the interior of you home may be wonderful, keep in mind that people who are looking for a waterfront property will want to see the lake first and foremost. Alongside wonderful interiors, be sure to take several pictures of the lake for placement on web and newspaper listings.

Be sure to emphasize the positives as well. If motor boating is allowed, play up this aspect. If boating is restricted, point out fun swimming and lake related activities.

With the help of a savvy realtor and the above marketing tricks you can have your lakefront home sold in little to no time. 

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