How To Plan A July 4 or Labor Day Party For Your Friends At Your Lake House

The 4th of July and Labor Day mark the symbolic beginning and end of the lazy days of summer. And there's no better place to spend summers than at your lake house! Celebrating bookmarks to the summer lake season with your friends and family will create memories to be savored forever.

Here are some ideas to make your party a hit with your guests:

  1. Send out creative invitations. Invite your loved ones to come and share a relaxing weekend at the lake. Keep to the themes of patriotism and fun in the sun.
  2. Try not to create too much work for yourself. Remember that this is your party too, so a little planning in advance will allow you to enjoy yourself. For example: Prepare baked goods and any freezable dishes in advance. Side dishes can be purchased or you can always ask guests to contribute salads, deserts, or beverages.
  3. Ideally, these are outside events so plan some games in the yard, by the water and in the water. This will keep indoor traffic to a minimum and make your life easier.
  4. Keep the dinner menu simple. Stick to the basics: Hamburgers, hot dogs, steaks, ribs, chicken, grilled fish, potato salad. Fresh sweet corn, tomatoes, beans, peppers and a plethora of regional favorites are available at farm stands so take advantage. Don't forget the watermelon!
  5. Make cookies in fun shapes, like flags, stars etc. Don't forget that both holidays fall during the height of fresh produce season. And July is berry season, so if you're inclined, bake a blueberry pie.
  6. Set up your seating lakeside in picnic style. Allow people to help themselves - they'll be happy to do so. The table should be on the water's edge or the dock, so guests can enjoy the water, which you see every day at your lake house but for most of them is a rare and special treat.
  7. Sit down by the water for the fireworks, or if your boat is large enough, take a cruise for the evening's light show or for the last sunset of the season.
  8. If there will be lots of kids and grand kids, be sure to plan some things to keep them entertained. A tired child is a good child! Having a parade for the kids with sparklers and costumes is fun. Get the whole crew involved (the dog too).

By keeping entertaining simple it will allow you to enjoy these celebrations as much as your guests.

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