Finding Your Dream Lake Home

By Frank Eaton

Living on the lake has many advantages. The views, the property values, the lifestyle. Picking the right house is very important to capture most of these. But be aware of these items.

The structure of the house and foundation should be well built. The property and landscape should have proper storm drainage. The house should be climate controlled, insulated, and energy efficient. Electricity and water service should already be established. If equipped by a well and septic, or with county water and sewage, make sure the systems are in working order and inspected regularly.

You are responsible for any run-off into the lake.

Most rooms should have a view of the lake. The house and structure should always be higher than the lake at flood range. It does not have to be close to the water line, although closer is preferable. If the house has a basement, make sure it is sealed and has a proper drainage system.

On some lakes, you are not allowed to do your own landscaping. Check with the lake authority on this.

A dock is an option. A float-able dock, to move it in or out with ease depending on the water levels, is preferred. It does not have to be covered. On some lakes, a dock permit is required.

If the lake goes down and eventually becomes dry, so does the value of your home and property. Are there ways to protect the value of your property in this situation? Not really.

If the lake floods your property, Flood Insurance will protect you. This may be a requirement.

The right house, features, and location will vary depending on taste and price.

Make sure it is something you will be proud to live in and enjoy.

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