Tips for Buying a Lake-Front Home

Buying a house on the lake is one of the most rewarding home investments to make; however, there are many considerations that come with such a purchase.

Tips to locating prime lakefront properties can include but are not limited to:

  1. Asking about Lake-Front Specific Property Upkeep - Things like shore erosion and flooding can and do occur with lakefront properties.  Because of this it is good to see if owners have taken due care to protect their land and investment from shrinking. For example, some home owners buy quarry-run rock or habitat friendly products like coconut fiber rolls to put along the shoreline so it won't decay. Floods may be contained with the building of sea walls, which can be made of concrete, wood, stone, steel or vinyl. During a walk through, ask the owner or realtor about the methods used to prevent these and other issues.
  2. Checking into local bylaws in regards to owning lakefront property - There are certain ordinances that lakefront communities may have in regards to the home that differ from regular communities. Usually, they are instituted with the protection of the land and surrounding natural habitat in mind. For instance, you may be limited to the types of materials you can use to prevent erosion or flooding.  Other neighborhoods may have lake curfews.  Take an honest assessment and see if you and your family can appreciate and follow the particular rules of your chosen lake community.
  3. Investigate the neighborhood - simply because it is a lakefront doesn't mean the area is a low crime risk or that residents are respectful. Ask around, look for potential bad press online (disgruntled homeowners may take to blogs to voice issues) and talk to people who live in the community to see if it is a good fit.  Once you locate a home of interest, have it inspected to ensure everything is in tip top shape prior to signing any binding documentation.

With the right approach, you will be able to find a home where you and your family can enjoy the crystalline waters of a charming and picturesque lake for years to come.

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